Sunday, April 1, 2012

Laughlin, Nevada

Just watching the Slack!!!

Clint's Business Trip

Clint had to go to some Business seminars in Boise and we got to tag along and hang out in Boise. I love these two they are so much fun. This is us at Dinner one night. Oh Yeah Clints taking the picture and he is kinda fun too.

New Years 2012

This Year we celebrated New Years with all the kids at the Araves. It was late but everyone was ready to party. This is right before the count down. A couple days after New Years we went to California for Clint's Omi's Birthday. Clints Grandma is original from Germany so is his mom. She still speaks german and is 90 years old. The Voights had a big 90th for her Birthday so we went down with Clints mom and Dad, and Nate and Meggan. It was so fun it was the first time that the kids met Omi and it was so fun to meet all of that side of the family. Omi has been a widow since clints mom was 16, she has an incredible story of escaping Germany after becoming baptizes to the LDS church. It was a wonderful experience and a great celebration to be apart of. We walked the beach and had a planned weekend at this Resort. We had a great time even though it was so short and cold.

Family Pictures 2011

Thanks to my sister-in-law Kaethe. I got some family Pictures. She did Awesome, even though it was pretty dang cold outside. Thanks Kate! Adaley 1, Austin 4, December 2011

Christmas 2011

Christmas this year was great! Austin got a whole pack of costumes and two transformers that he was dying for. Addie was so excited to wake up to her minnie kitchen that Santa gave her. She plays with this kitchen non stop. They both were so hilarious they were so excited and they love love christmas now. It is so fun to be with these two on Christmas they make the Holidays so much better and way more exciting. Clints mom this year got all the younger grandkids Mario Costumes for the Mario Freaks in this family. It was so fun to see them so excited about there present!!!! I think Addie was wondering where hers was in this picture!

Brower Christmas 2011

My Camera was broke this Christmas so Clint took pictures with his Droid and they weren't great. This Christmas we had a lot of fun, we did our own Nativity with the kids and Andy got in trouble for scarring Addie with his cow head mask. The same Andy who finds his way into every picture!!!! Ha I think this year was great, the kids had so much fun and got some really fun stuff from Grandpa and Grandma. We always have so much fun Christmas Eve. I think I might love Christmas Eve more than Christmas!!!!!

Christmas Eve 2011!!!!

Every Christmas Eve before we head to my parents for the Brower Christmas Eve Party we let the kids open one present. Oh yes Austin's favorite present every year, Pajamas and slippers. They always pack them in a bag and change when it gets late at Grandpa's that night so when they get home we can set out cookies for Santa and get to bed so he can come to our house. The kids love it so much at this age so I thought I post this picture for them to always remember that at one time recieving Pajamas was an amazing part of Christmas!!!!!!!